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We at Orilex Global limited, follow certain precepts for your developmental projects.

How to develop a new product?

1. Product concept
We create a clear concept of a device or an application for the electronics market, based on technical capabilities of the development, users’ needs, estimated manufacturing costs and market features for the sale of the finished product. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP), as well as Terms of Reference for developing a fully functional device or software.


2. Hardware development
We select electronic components, create a circuit diagram and trace a PCB based on the requirements of the device structure. Analysis and physical processes modeling accelerate the development process and increase reliability of the hardware platform. We use boundary scan for quality control of the assembled board.


3. Software development
We select an operating system and develop all levels of the device software: drivers, user interfaces and programs for quality control testing in manufacturing. We utilize time and reduce cost of designing a software device platform using of ready-made open source solutions.


4. Industrial design
Industrial design in electronics is not just about creating stylish design drafts and a 3D enclosure model, it is also about developing the device structure and selecting a manufacturing technology. Ready-made enclosure solutions are tested and improved on prototypes, followed by creating a mold for casting the enclosure in batch manufacturing


5. Electronics manufacturing
We create trial samples to evaluate the selected materials and make sure the device functions correctly. We tailor the documentation to the requirements of a particular manufacturer, schedule delivery of components, as well as manufacture and test a pilot batch. Then we set up an assembly line for batch manufacturing in the required part of the world.

WE deliver and give your projects outstanding performances to stand the test of time.

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